My new Bong & AK47 Cannabis Seeds

Got my delivery today of AK47 seeds from Sticky and I can’t wait to hang them up in my cupboard with the rest of my collection! These cannabis seeds are meant to be one of the strongest strains available. When I was in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the tastiest phenotypes of the AK. It was a cherry pheno and was the of the most fragrant cannabis scents I have ever experienced in my nose. I rented a glass bong from behind the counter in order to take some major rips on this beauty, so with a little ice in her I began taking hits on hits, and boy, I was majorly high. What I liked about this strain was that no matter how much I smoked, the high never overwhelmed me, I just stayed on a great level for a long period of time.
I was post some pictures up of this in my next post as I am having trouble finding the cable for my camera right now. But I included a stock photo from the seed bank above, a quick look on youtube will have you craving for this fruity pungent strain.


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