How I use my vaporizer for weed

Over the past few years vaporizers have ended up being the number one way to smoke. Around a couple of years have passed since buying my vaporizer. after noticing the price for the favored vapes amount to figures up to £499 made me snort in disgust. It became apparent to me that I would get stoned quicker, and also more whenever I would hit my smoking pipe. Little did I know this was about to change when I visited my nearby smoke shop and left with a fantastic vaporizer.
The version I obtained was the Inhaler Vaporizer. The price tag ended up being around $150 and arrived the next day. I personally take part in a lot of basketball, and after I started a vapor only diet I without doubt could notice the impact in the first day. I am proud to be able to announce i’m at this time smoke free in addition to feeling the positive effects.

Vaporizers are usually higher priced compared to your traditional pipe or bong. As an alternative to being cautious with bucks, you should think of your wellbeing and make a smart investment in one of these remarkable products. When you find yourself chilling at home and really feel like getting high, it’s possible you’ll ponder any alternative approaches there are to get stoned. Normally folks will either roll a joint, take several hits from the bong or even light up the bubbler.
When making edibles for example butter, you might take it one step further by making concentrates. Typically the most healthy method undoubtedly is the vape. Throughout Cali, in which medicinal marijuana is legal, vapes can be found in private hospitals and mature homes. A simple scan around the internet will advise you that esmoking is the strategy to use, no fumes within your lungs is a big positive.

How to get a new downstem for your glass bong

Last night, something happened that would dampen my spirit for the next few days… I was using my brand new glass bong that I had recently purchased from HerbTools, an online smoke shop, when my fingers lost traction to the downpipe and it slid past the grasp of my fingers. I watched in slow motion as it began its devastating journey to the floor, light reflecting off the shiny high quality glass. Of course, when my down-stem came into contact with my hard floor it smashed with an ear piercing noise and send shards in every direction.
I didn’t move, I didn’t shout. I simply broke down as a human for the next few seconds and tried to salvage any of the previous good vibe I had before this happened. After a while, I new it was time to accept that my bong was out of order for the next few days.

But then, I remembered how amazingly awesome the HerbTools smoke shop is. They don’t mess around, they just dispatch and sort issues. I knew my bong downstem would be here the very next day as it was before 2:00 on a weekday! I rejoiced in the awesomeness of easily browsing 100’s of intuitive products, cute bowl and diffuser downpipe setups. I knew Sam at HerbTools had my back, he is the best guy I have ever known in my life. I found the cutest setup that included a percolator precooler and some mad looking bong bowl that slots inside and holds a huge amount of herb.

I felt like a damn school child in a candy shop, minus Mr. Burge’s inappropriate sexual advances. So, before I get too off topic here, I will revert to the main topic. I ended up getting this insanely cool setup that involved the previously mentioned precolator precooler in size 18.8, the bowl and the new replacement downstem that incorporated a shower diffuser! A cool name for a nice piece. I honestly thought it just looked interested but underestimated how much this stuff actually smooths out the smoke. I still like the look of the classic non fancy smoking pipes but they just don’t hit like this new one. Out with the old and in with the new, this smoker says. So if you have any questions, drop me a message through the contact page as I would love to hear what you think about this new era of fancy nancy water pipes.

I will be back in touch with my fans soon, I am not going anywhere, just taking a long break. Regular posting will resume shortly and we have some new writers from USA and England who have some interested topics to talk about, including law and cannabis legalization/regulation.

grape flavored herb


Just a quick update on our next move

Hi guys, give the above youtube video a play and light up a fat doob. We have been away a long time but thanks to the fresh new design we feel inspired, expect to be hearing much more from us over the next few weeks as we have a lot of ground to cover.

We have teamed up with a few UK smoke shops and will host a competition over on our facebook page.

My new Bong & AK47 Cannabis Seeds

Got my delivery today of AK47 seeds from Sticky and I can’t wait to hang them up in my cupboard with the rest of my collection! These cannabis seeds are meant to be one of the strongest strains available. When I was in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the tastiest phenotypes of the AK. It was a cherry pheno and was the of the most fragrant cannabis scents I have ever experienced in my nose. I rented a glass bong from behind the counter in order to take some major rips on this beauty, so with a little ice in her I began taking hits on hits, and boy, I was majorly high. What I liked about this strain was that no matter how much I smoked, the high never overwhelmed me, I just stayed on a great level for a long period of time.
I was post some pictures up of this in my next post as I am having trouble finding the cable for my camera right now. But I included a stock photo from the seed bank above, a quick look on youtube will have you craving for this fruity pungent strain.


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